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Every domain name has 2 records that are attached to it. There is the A record which points Internet traffic to your website IP address. The other is the MX record or Mail Exchange and it points the email to the server that it should go through.

Adventist School Connect and Adventist Church Connect offer 1 free email account with each website. This account can be called anything that you would like. Examples: info@mydomainname.com, teacher@mydomainname.com, etc. If you haven’t purchased a custom domain name from a hosting company, the suffix of the email address will be the domain name that was assigned to your website when it was created.

If your organization is currently hosting their email with another email provider, we can work with you so that your email remains with that provider and we would only host your website. Note: please contact us by email before you complete the steps for pointing your custom domain name to the name servers.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option for more than 1 email account, you can set up an account with Google Applications. The first step is to go to www.google.com and sign up for a Google Apps account. Next you will create the email accounts that you would like to have. Then you will need to provide us with the information for verifying your domain name and we will point the MX records associated with your domain name to Google. Don’t worry we have training documentation on these steps and it’s not as hard as it sounds. 

 Setup: $32.50 (one time)

 An Express Connect account is required to use this module. Click here for more information.

To add this module to your website, please fill out a help ticket on your website. 

For questions please email support@adventistchurchconnect.com or call us toll-free at 877-518-0819.

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